Paradigm Shifts


India under NAMO shifted gears at last ,to tell Pakistan enough is enough. We can go to any length if you continue to use proxies to attack us. Nuclear war threat not withstanding.

Military leadership in India is gloating with their new found freedom to prove how good they are. The crutches of political interference have been jettisoned by Namo. Time  for them to match this civil policy shift.

Pakistan under Imran is also trying to shift gears. He is focusing on taking Pakistan out from the current economic morass. He is trying his best to steer clear from jingoism.

" Is he in charge" will remain a mystery till he achieves his Goal.

Pakistan Military leadership is feeling threatened by challenge to their raison d’atre - hostilities with India by keeping Kashmir issue aflame. They have in fact outsourced this to so called non-state actors.  The strategic shift in India poses a dual challenge to Pak Military establishment. They will be called upon to prove their military prowess in case of a war and may also disturb their MILBUS scenario..


Indian TV has kept ascending the virtual escalatory ladder of loud nationalistic narrative. Saner voices out there look like chastised errant school boys. Media confrontation has given way to conformance.

Pakistan TV is confounded by Imran’s stance as it appeals to their genuine sensibilities on one hand but they are unable to let go false and unrealistic narratives they have been savoring so far. Surprising that how much of their narratives were fed on by “ hate India” campaigns thus far .They are very unsure of the paradigm shift of their leadership and as such find themselves in a difficult situation.

Social media activity in India as well as in Pakistan is currently an arena for Internet gladiators .It is still trying to find a spot for itself to be taken seriously as a vox populi.


Liberals are trying to regain the foothold inspite of post truth ( Trump) scenario.
Nationalism with its cousin ultra-nationalism are squeezing the space for Liberals.
It will be sometime that both these thoughts will come out of their entrenched positions to bring about a paradigm shift.

So we continue to be cheer leaders willingly or under duress.