This was one of the alternatives, that has been floating for long. With so called elected government in place such alternatives were a “third rail”. In the past too when Governors rule was imposed for long, such ideas were cropping up. Sometimes these are media feelers planted by concerned quarters to test waters.

I find it intriguing, to contemplate the position KP’s can or should take…….

Ladhak is for Ladhaki’s and more so after their status changes. Climatically daunting and earning avenues scant for poorly entrepreneurial KP’s is a no go….

Jammu has been a “stop over “ for a long time for KP’s. As winter capital most of the government employees in the days gone by  were used to this facility to avoid harsh winters of Kashmir. As migrants in the beginning of our exodus , we had to face a hostile and rude Dogras. This wore off quickly as the bustle of added population  with some economic advantages set in. Jammu as a place to settle down has little value if Kashmir becomes a separate entity .They will become hostile and eventually make  it inaccessible. You may find that the hostility by Dogras will also become strident once they taste a partial statehood.

KP’s will prefer to settle down anywhere outside the present state of J&K, in India if the choice is not Kashmir but Ladhak or Jammu.

Does it mean that our choice will fall on Kashmir as it is a natural habitat for us. So the alternative of Panun Kashmir assumes a different meaning than our current narratives in its favour or against it.

We have to get united if any loss of identity with Kashmir is to be warded off. It has to be a first priority than seeking Doles here and Compensation there.

We may ignore this as a false alarm at our own peril.