Grand Old Party

Congress has to come out of their self-imposed stupor to present themselves as a credible opposition. This need has heightened after we see what the new or regional parties have to offer by way of alternatives.

The fact that ordinary citizen like me is compelled to write a few lines is an indicator of the deeper malady that has set -in in the GOP and why more and more people are disillusioned with this once liberal political station.

It needs to stop defending all that is questionable during their governance. People have moved on & are more interested in how the new dispensation is functioning. Cases are in Court and law will take its own course is how citizens view it. Corruption had undoubtedly become widespread in their regime while good governance was a causality or at best unreported.

There are a lot of issues where the present regime has opted for a continuum. Obviously these issues were the good part of their governance.

RSS bashing also needs to be reviewed. We cannot but agree that modern India now and in future will not accept the worst of their ideology - Muslim bashing, Hindutva, Distortion of history etc. Rights and responsibilities of Hindu majority need to get emphasized. Vast majority in India, obviously Hindus, is relating to this concept especially the future citizens. We have a need to take it away from a Hindu vs Muslim narrative. RSS is also beginning to realize the changed circumstances in India. RSS is trying to come out the  box which has put them in an ideological bind which makes their transition to understand modern sensibilities of India's young generation, a little problematic. Shorts have already been replaced by pants and they look smarter during their daily Shakha activities. In any case, Rahul cannot be Congress's mascot to challenge an evolving RSS. Eminent ideologues in Congress can take that to some degree of efficacy.

Congress has wasted all the time they should have utilized in rebooting their strategy. In high politics of BJP 's emerging government, mystery was a great asset for almost last two years. The law of diminishing returns has already set in for BJP & Congress is still floundering. When the current dispensation has realized that the mystery factor is no longer useful, Congress has no visible plans to emerge as a meaningful opposition. In near future the Rajya Sabha buffer will also move away from them as the results of UP indicate.

Barring a few credible ideological warriors, we do not see a determined fight by them on that front. Defending the dynasty is obviously getting them negative returns. They don't have to dump the dynasty, but where is the plan for future. By the time Rahul matures to an acceptable level, there will be another generational change. If our grandchildren are any indication of things to come, he  is already  irrelevant. Time has come for GOP to find a worthy successor to Rahul Gandhi .

Congress is not able to come out of this dynasty syndrome even after the electoral disaster is a mystery which even a modern historian of the eminence of Ramachandra Guha cannot fathom -"For a long time, I nostalgically thought the Congress could revive, but I am now increasingly skeptical. Outside the Congress echo chamber, there is a sense that the Gandhi family is useless. Rahul Gandhi is an object of ridicule and contempt by people who would otherwise be attracted to a liberal Congress point of view. There are intelligent, sensible people in the Congress but they are so dependent on the Gandhis, I have been struggling to understand this dependence.  ".

Their 44 numbers in Lok Sabha is the only legislative power they are left with. They are misusing it totally by trying to create obstacles for BJP government . In doing so, they are exposed as a frustrated lot. Where are the meaningful debates on issues of concern to public at large  which could earn them some sympathy. They  must come to terms with the changing environment not only in India but world over. Where are their spokesmen of worth- can’t you view the hopelessness exhibited by Sanjays and Randips by their clichéd points of view and foolish display of loyality to Dynasty instead of Ideology.

It seems there is a group within Congress who are resisting the change that is needed for their own survival. Why can’t the younger lot expose them through media ,social or otherwise. This is a critical moment and the stage of “we shall introspect” has since long been dead as nothing was done when they got reduced to 44. They need to wake up for the sake of a young and not so young personalities who have put in their life stakes in politics by aligning themselves with Congress. They have so many options available outside the Congress but are holding on with a slender thread of loyalty.

Will Congress leaders of substance be able to free themselves from this suicidal path will be a major factor for saving the GOP from ultimate decimation.

Ashok Dullu