In the quest to understand history , you always get fact or myths written about but rarely find depictions about life of ordinary people as a whole for the period being historicized .

This book comes as a refreshing insight of the very important inflexion in Kashmir History. It does not matter if the genre indicated in the colophon is fiction as it can pass the muster as a book of history. It is a well researched book which took twelve years of effort to bring it out in print.
This book is a gripping story of one of the greatest queens of Kashmir and is surly unputdownable . She characterizes a unique trait of Kashmiri Pandit community - a flexible value system and keen eye on the personal goals.  This is unique with people who have faced adversities from time immemorial .

Kashmir history is positioned as a forerunner in Indian historiography. It suffers from the classical infirmities of mixing facts and fiction and having multiple interpretations for areas of ambiguity. The Author has made use of his research well by connecting with alternative narratives befitting the theme of the book.

The Author is also a philanthropist and is known for actively advocating the cause of the communities dispersed globally.

The Author deserves kudos for producing this wonderful piece of literature.